I thought it was high time I make a page like this. Here I will list all my original works and where to buy them.

I have 5 stories published in my native language. Two of them were written in elementary or high school and are not something I would brag about. There are two short stories published in anthologies (I suppose they could be called that) and then there’s the novel I published in 2005. That one actually has hard covers.

Since in my country speculative fiction is treated like something you scrape off a shoe (some would probably not bother with the scraping and simply throw the shoe away), I’ve decided to concentrate my writing in English instead. Yes, the competition might be fiercer (if you see yourself competing with other authors which I do not) but at least a writer has an honest chance to make a living.

Anyway, this is where I will be posting about stories I deem suitable for reading.
My first story written in English is Clockworks Warrior (I designed the cover for this one). Follow this link.

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