Yes, that is my real name. And no, you’re not the first one that had trouble pronouncing it. It’s quite common for where I’m from. Slovenia may be in the middle of Europe but most people don’t know of it or they mistake it for Slovakia.

I’m a University student. I study physics. I’m kind of ready to be done with it and move on. Not anymore. Done with that and moving on. Surprise, huh?

I’m guilty of messing with people. I take perverse pleasure in making people think, to make them question what they usually take for granted. Some people resent that. Others are willing to pay for it. Weird, neh?

I’m a writer. I’ve published two short stories, two novellas and one novel. Problem is they were written in a language understood by 0.03% of the world’s population and in less than a thousand copies. I don’t remember ever being paid.  So does that make me an amateur or a professional writer? I don’t know. I do know that I want to be writing in English as a professional one day.

English is not my first language. That said, I’ve started learning it at the age of 11 and been writing in English for two years. I think I’m doing well so far. Of course, knowing the language doesn’t mean I can write in a way to entertain native speakers. Also, it’s a pretty crowded market out there, considering that sci fi and fantasy are not exactly praised where I’m coming from. I guess we’ll see what happens…

Me somewhere between reality and fiction
Between reality and fiction

And here’s me, surveying the border between reality and fiction, in the company of the guardian of said border. A trickster and a shape shifter, sometimes he assists mortals, sometimes causing problems for them. He also enjoys his picture taken.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice to see you’ve joined us in the blogosphere. I wouldn’t worry too much about your English. I didn’t realize where you were from till I saw you mention it and I can usually pick out a Slavic accent a mile away. You’re English is better than that of many native speakers I know even accounting the ocassional error.


  2. I found your blog after reading a comment of yours at DW Smith’s blog. I’ve traveled all around Slovenia; it’s a beautiful place. As far as the isolation as a writer is concerned, I sympathize. I am an American writer living in Greece, and sometimes long to meet up with other writers too. But at least we have the Internet. When I started out writing it didn’t exist….


  3. Just discovered your blog. We’re probably related… Was born in Chicago… Did attend saturday Slovenian school for a number of years.


  4. Hey, Martin,

    Checked out your blog after seeing some of your posts on the Hatrack River WW forums (I’ve posted there as IRWhite and we got into a spat over George R.R. Martin; otherwise: hi, I’m Irina, nice to meet you =).

    I didn’t realize you’re from Slovenia. It seems we share a goal — to one day write fiction in English professionally, despite having started writing in obscure to the greater part of the world languages. Here’s to a worthy goal!

    And I hope to see more of you on Hatrack!


    1. Hi, Irina. Nice to meet you as well.

      You reminded me I haven’t written anything new in by blog for a while. Maybe I will fix that.

      I enjoyed our spat, nothing wrong with a bit of verbal wrestling.

      I checked your own blog but I can’t find any of your info. Where exactly are you from, if I may ask? I could guess but I prefer to ask politely.

      Hope to hear more from you in the future.


      1. I’m Bulgarian (probably nobody’s first guess when they see my name =), though I’ve been living in the U.S. for quite a while now.

        Now that you mention it, I probably should put a little more info about myself on my blog. Even my “About me” section is from my first attempt at a blog, back in … oh, 2009? One of these days …

        Oh, yes, I’m also guilty of enjoying spats with intelligent people. It’s good for the mind, I figure.

        I look forward to your next blog post!


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