Plot predictions: Vikings

I’ve been a fan of the Vikings series from the get go. I love the historical period that is so often overlooked. I love the character development the series offers. I love the rather bizzare intertwining of myth and fact that would never’ve worked in other shows. I even love how the creators used their limited budget as a way to show how small in scale these dark-age realms were. It’s safe to say Vikings is one of the top three favourite shows of mine.

As a writer, I suffer from a terrible condition: if a story becomes a part of my reality, even if it’s not originally created by me, I will expand and develop it on my own. One of the results is I will start to predict what could be the possible outcome of the current situation. It would be strange if I didn’t anticipate the upcoming episodes of Vikings.

Preview of 4th season until now: the raid on Paris had kept the inter-character aggression in a latent stage. But now, with winter almost done, old feuds are re-emerging.

The players: Kalf is ambitious but seems to be content at the moment because he’s won over Lagertha. Erlendur is driven by blood vengeance against Ragnar and all his family but is too weak by himself to pose any serious threat. While Kalf and Erlendur grow supressed intentions to attack Ragnar, they have been laying low for the time.

Meanwhile, Ragnar seems to be making enemies in his own camp.

Floki is an agent of the old Norse ways. The recent punishment by Ragnar for killing Athelstan suggests Ragnar is willing to forsake the old ways, though he cannot do it openly as he would undoubtedly lose the support of his people (I honestly find it strange that Floki has no supporters as he is supposed to be atune to the will of the old gods).

Ragnar is also at a discord with his wife and queen, Aslaug. She is another potent character who despies Christianity and is willing to spill blood to stop its spread. The connection between Floki in Aslaug has been amplified by her giving her youngest son to Floki for schooling.

And now enters a new foe: Harald. A charismatic and ambitious follower of the old ways, he seems to be Aslaug’s spurned suitor of old. Here is a man equal to Ragnar in cunning, ambition and ferocity.

With Harald’s arrival, it now makes sense for Ragnar and Aslaug to feud (from the story’s perspective). If Harald were to arrive with Aslaug happily in love with Ragnar, she would’ve dismissed him with a smile and a pat on the head. But now, with Ragnar and Aslaug in discord, Harald’s arrival means a very serious threat to Ragnar. If Harald is willing to spare Ragnar’s sons, he would get no objections from Aslaug if he were to overthrow her husband.

If Harald is willing to abide to the old ways (judging from his appearence, he is), he would also be able to acquire Floki’s support. And if Harald is a resourceful man (which no doubt he is), he would seek further support from other foes of Ragnar. This means Erlendur and Kalf.

Harald. Aslaug. Floki. Erlendur. Kalf. This is starting to become quite the conspiracy.
Who are Ragnar’s allies? His sons by Aslaug are children and cannot be expected to turn against their own mother. Only Bjorn and Lagertha remain. But Lagertha is dangerously exposed. She is sooner to become a hostage than an ally. I hate to say it but Lagertha might become this season’s casualty of war.
That leaves only Bjorn.

Bjorn might not be a friend to the Christians, but he would never turn against his father. As his oldest son, Bjorn’s own authority derives from Ragnar. He is no one to be trifled with, yet he is all that Ragnar now has. There’s already been an assassination attempt on him in the previous episode. Not one of the five players would hesitate to harm Bjorn: Kalf would kill him simply to make Lagertha more vulnerable; Erlendur hates Bjorn for taking Torvi from him; Aslaug feels no sympathy towards him; Bjorn publicly accused and condemned Floki in Ragnar’s name.

Since the Vikings series is roughly based on the Norse sagas, I believe Ragnar will meet his mythological end which does not include being foiled by a conspiracy. However, I’m certain the 4th season will be nerve-wrecking for many of us.

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