Tribal Wars: Act 1 finished

16,140 words for the first act. A bloody start to a rather large story that is the historical foundation for the upcoming series A New Kind of Warfare (three of the nine books are already written but editting proves to be a real bitch; there are some that might be familiar with the Warfare stories though I suspect they do not visit this blog).

Damn but I have to find a faster way to write this. I may be a veteran when it comes to writing but I’m a complete noob about finishing and publishing this stuff.

NaNoWriMo report #1

Yes, I was wrong. 50,000 words do not come easy. I’ve been getting emails from the NaNoWriMo team, saying things like “Skip to the scenes with meat on them, and laugh in the face of linearity.” Ah, but this is exactly what I’m trying to avoid with this story. If I did what they wanted me to, I would have another Arena on my hands. Arena was written precisely in this way, writing just the interesting bits. And you know what? The boring parts that you eventually stick in between are so boring that you lose your readers. I’ve been patching and repatching Arena for four years now and still I’m not done. I’m not making the same mistake with Tribal Wars.
One chapter is done. 30 pages in 10 days? I’m calling that a success. Now it’s time to get my bearings for the coming chapters. I’m not doing this blind and disorganized again. In the meantime, let’s see what Prison World will turn into.

“Let the games begin!” *in Bane’s voice*

NaNoWriMo 2013 has officially begun and this time I’m a part of it. I’ve been trying to decide which story I will be writing; I feel as if I’ve been surveying a batch of eggs, trying to to decide which one I will take through gestation. The competition has been fierce. One choice was to go back to Vira, an old story of mine that has the most native supporters, the first of my monster plots. It’s gone through much change and development in the past few years which is why I’m not quite certain it’s ready. Enniorhon is another story I’ve been itching to put down but I’m not sure the time is just right. Also, Enniorhon needs propper introduction, most likely by short stories.
Finally I realized that not one but two eggs showed signs of hatching and why would I try to go aganist the natural order of things?

The first winner is a plot I initially developed for a game of a friend of mine. As usual, I’ve gone way overboard with my worldbuilding and the whole plot has grown to the point where I knew there was no going back. It’s also missing some fine tunning which is perfect for me to try my hand at improvization that I love. It has no working title at the moment– working title will be Prison World (see? I’ve been looking for a title for weeks and it came to me while I was typing that crossed out sentence!). It’s a high-tech cyberpunk setting, a crossover between the Matrix (the good parts) and Orson Scott Card’s Treason.

The other one is my personal twist to a classic Tolkien-esque setting with a whiff of GRRM’s Game of Thrones (only the juicy bits). This is a high fantasy story with some of the stereotypes thrown out to make room for other nice things such as holocaust, infanticide and eugenics (no incest yet but I remain hopeful). I’m calling it Tribal Wars (sounds like a game, doesn’t it? Will definitely have a different title by the time I’m done).

Neither of these stories are for the squeamish kind. Both will contribute to the word count so I will very likely pass the 50k target. As some bits of these stories are already written, they will not contribute to the final word count. The idea is to shoot past 50k before the time is up with possible room for editting (I have to do something during the weekend).

Overall NaNoWriMo word count:

Here we go…