Post-British activity

My stay is Bristol has come to an end and once more I find myself in my homeland. I’m definitely not the same person. Wiser, stronger, more determined, more confident of my own choices and abilities. Which was the whole purpose of going so mission accomplished. I can feel more epiphanies will follow but right now, my thoughts turn to the future.

Now that the British campaign is over, writing is once more in my focus. I still feel that my writing style needs to be upgraded. The Arena could use some more work in that area and I intend to devote October to this. I’m planning to spend November writing something new, probably in the context of NaNoWriMo. Instead of one big story, I plan to write in the episodic form. Large chapters or smaller stories, we’ll see what works best.

After hearing how Dmitry Glukhovski used the comments by his readers to rewrite Metro 2033, I think I will emulate this approach. I intend to publish the chapters of the new story on this blog and I hope anyone who visits will be willing to leave suggestions. When it’s satisfactory, I intend to publish it on Smashwords as a series of short stories.

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