Fan fiction might be beneficial for your craft

It is my solid opinion that fan fiction is in fact good for beginning writers. Why? Because the essence of it comes from someone else’s mind. It comes to a writer through a movie or a book, fully formed and preferably done by someone with experience. It is easy to get immersed into a well-formed universe and become a part of it. Fan fiction can come easier than original fiction precisely because it already has a visual sense, whereas your own setting/plot is pure abstract; it only exists in your mind, therefore it is not fully formed until you put it on paper.

Fan fiction is a great way to practice. Some people stick with it forever and don’t write original fiction at all. Most of us, though, start to crave to invest our effort and time into something that we can call our own. That is where original fiction comes from.

Play to learn. Learn to master. Master to succeed.

Time waisted

Today I woke up and realized I’m 29 years old. No, my birthday was four months ago but today my brain finally processed it. As soon as I knew it, a part of me started to despair because I’ve missed the best part of my life.

Why? Because I didn’t get hammered every weekend? Because I spent most of my days sitting behind a desk, typing down letters and words? True, a lot of that time also went into playing games and watching movies. It’s strange how all of that used to mean so much to me.

So I’ve changed. I know exactly when I’ve changed. I know why I’ve changed too. I was busy getting my own mind under control. If I’d lived anywhere else, I imagine I would have spent my youth on one pill or another. Now that’s a scary thought.

So this is not really a rant about how I missed my twenties and didn’t do what I really wanted to do. No, I did exactly what I wanted to do. It’s just that I don’t like to do that anymore. Not because it was meaningless but because I’m a different person now. Hell, I’m about to be 30. About time I’m a different person.

I know what I want. And I’m going to get it. At least I will know to appreciate it. Twenties gave me that. Is that waisted time?