Wrestling with my brain. Brain winning.

I’ve been trying my hand at lucid dreaming again. Trying to access that spring of productivity to increase my visualisation skills.

And you know what? I think my brain is fighting back. It’s like I’m encroaching on a piece of territory that I was never suppose to step in. I’m being harassed by my subconscience for trying to tap resources that are in fact on holy ground.

In the middle of a dream, especially if I’m succeeding in controlling it, without warning I will get these truly gruesome images which make me go “Blech!” and can be enough to jar me out of that dream and I have to start over. No problem except that these dreams tire me and I get up not as rested as I could be. Since I’m working on my research thesis, I think I will give it a rest tonight, get my subconscience a chance to recuperate and repair its ego.

Talk about a drama queen!

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