I believe I’ve made a major breakthrough in honing my craft of writing. After finishing Clockworks Warrior, I tried getting back to Arena and it proved very difficult. It seems I’ve upgraded significantly because the style in Arena seems very tacky to me now. This doesn’t mean I plan to abandon the project, it just means that I will need to put much more work in it than I previously imagined. Maybe it’s time to make up another deadline…

The major problem with Arena is that I wanted to use 1st person present in it. Since a lot of it is physical action, 1st person present works perfectly. You don’t get to hear a report of it as in past tense but get to watch it unfold in front of you. 1st was chosen because there were so many comments by my POV chacter that half o fthe text would be in italic. So 1st person present feels like the best way to go at it and yet I have a very queasy feeling about it. So I said to myself: just write it down, you can alway rewrite it later. True, and yet not completely true. I have to feel the text as I’m writing it, otherwise I can never make a story that would be good enough to publish. I can’t write in gloves, so to speak. It has to be genuine or it’s not worth doing it.

If anyone reading this blog has any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them so send them my way.

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