Back from Eurocon

Made it back from Zagreb where I experienced my first sci-fi convention. An incredible experience, particularly since sci-fi fandom is something my country simple doesn’t have or is meagre enough to be neglected. Everyone there was in a good mood. Met me an American writer (Tim Powers), a British writer (Charles Stross) and a Russian writer (Dmitry Glukhovsky). I listened their stories with much envy, not because of their success but because they come from an environment that appreciates their efforts and rewarded them accordingly. It’s also amazing how different their lives are and yet all of them live from what I want to live from.
There is something that I miss: company of other writers. No offense to my friends from Hatrack Forum but the forum chit chat is simply not enough for me. Internet is not a substitute for a real-life relationships.
I also had a conversation with a British agent (John Berlyne) and it was refreshing to take a look at the industry from a different viewpoint. All this talk of late of agents being cookie monsters, it was nice to see they are people after all. Yes, they are in the business of making money but aren’t we all?

T plus one… but what the hell

So I missed my deadline. No one died and one more read through revealed two major plot holes which might ruin the story for an intelligent reader. Good thing I saw and patched them up. If I missed any typos, someone else will have to find them.

Anyhow, without any further ado, I give you…

Clockworks Warrior cover

Link to Smashwords purchase page.

Link to purchase page.

Link to purchase page.

T minus seven days

That’s the deadline I gave to myself for completing and publishing Clockworks Warrior on Smashwords. Which means I have 7 days to complete the edit, prepare the manuscript according to Smashwords’ needs and of course to make the cover. When that’s done there’s still the matter of making and printing cards which I intend to take with me to Eurocon. So much to do, so little time to do it.

Just the way I like it. Deadlines are a bitch, unless you set them yourself.