Thinking ahead might be worth the effort…

So I was editing away my current WIP, book 1. I came to a point in the story where two characters are chatting about recent events. They mention something that will be a major plot piece in book 2 where a retrospective takes place. Suddenly I realized I need to know what the public opinion of that event in book 2 will be so I know what information is passed between these two characters in book 1. I know what the event was but the person who decides what information the public eventually receives must have gone through a lot of thinking before deciding for the selected course. So I realized I have to dive into that character’s mind to see how he would think this through. I did that, played out all the thinking he did, then realized his thought pattern is way too interesting to not include it in book 2. So instead of just keeping the outcome of the character’s brainstorm, I will include a full thought process in book 2 as a juicy dialogue. And I love dialogues (have I said that before?).

From a simple gossip that passes between two characters in book 1 I found a delicious way of introducing two new, interesting characters for book 2. No wonder I love this job.

Any thoughts you’d like to share, send them my way.

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